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Core of the Central Andes (Río Blanco, Los Nevados and Otún-Quimbaya)
Antpittas, Tapaculos and mountain birds rule in the coffee-heart of Colombia!

This is one of our favorite birding areas in Colombia; montane forests, páramos and perpetual snow cover the Andes from 2000 up to 3200 m, where all our birding crews have been in high spirits due to the many nice species and breathtaking landscapes.


Río Blanco has been designated as an IBA and Hydrographic and Forest Reserve, and always has a tremendous bird activity. At Río Blanco, the birding starts right at your pleasant cabin lodging, where you can spot and get close-up photographs of about 20 species of hummers at the reserve’s feeders. We also explore the nearby forests, using playback to coax out many shy antpittas (eight species including the near-endemic Bicolored and endemic Brown-banded), five species of  tapaculos, Rusty-faced Parrot, Rufous-fronted and Golden-plumed Parakeets, Gray-breasted and Black-billed Mountain-Toucans, and Masked Saltator.


Río Blanco highlands is a remarkable area for viewing high elevation species, trying for Black-chested Mountain-Tanager, or just chilling out with some high mountain horse riding. Afterwards we can enjoy a cup of coffee in a lovely criollo family house high up in the páramo. Los Nevados is a huge National Park where we have enjoyed great looks of Purple-backed Thornbill and Bearded Helmetcrest, both of which are fairly common there. Also, the endless páramo expanses are great habitat for Black-backed Bush-Tanager, Stout-billed Cinclodes, Red-crested Cotinga, and Tawny Antpittas that love hopping on top of dead Frailejón stumps in response to playback. You will also be able to get magnificent views of Andean Condors (Colombia´s national bird) soaring over astonishing mountainous landscapes. We have the option of visiting Los Nevados either from lodging in Río Blanco, or from a cozy neighboring hotel with relaxing pools of thermal waters, it’s up to you!


Otún-Quimbaya is a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary holding a wealth avifauna. Just before breakfast we always take a short walk around the facilities, where you can delight in magnificent close-up views of endemic Cauca Guans and striking Red-ruffed Fruitcrows. Roving the sanctuary trails will for sure give you close sights of pairs of Torrent Ducks in the crystalline waters of the Ucumarí River, and, after a brief fifteen minute walk more through the main road, you will have the pleasure to add the gorgeous and highly local Multicolored Tanager to your list. Otún-Quimbaya is a nice place definitively worth birding for a couple of days; the facilities are unbeatable and the kitchen cook will serve yummy trout if you want to try the fresh Andean-introduced local fish.


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