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Birding with us

Birding with us is fun and very easy! Due to our fully customized trip system, we can fine-tune your ideal trip; just email us and let us know your preferences for: Colombian regions/habitats you would like to include; endemics or specific species you want to spot; how many days you will have available; what kind of transportation you prefer; and the details of any favorite kinds of food, accommodation, and facilities you would like to have for the trip. Also, it would be nice to know a little bit about your birding background and skills, so we can try to arrange an itinerary to fit all of your needs, goals and targets.



We will propose several itinerary options, and then choose the best in agreement with you. And because we are a small company, we are flexible enough to make last-minute changes to account for weather and other potential complications; this allows us to keep a dynamic itinerary in concert with you, ensuring you have the best trip possible. After you confirm a general itinerary, we will send you a detailed budget, including all items that must be paid in advance, specific fees, and money you should have handy while on the trip.

COLOMBIA Birding fees are US100.00 per birder per day, which includes the specialized birding guide and charming and knowledgeable travel companion during your stay in Colombia, plus all logistic arrangements before, during, and after the trip. Each client will have to cover his/her expenses on lodging, transportation and meals, and be responsible for covering our guide ones as well. Because we work in a totally customizable tour scheme, our fees are somewhat negotiable; just email us and let us know your thoughts.


You will need to send us advance payment to confirm bookings of some hotels, and sometimes the car rental, etc. Additionally, we require an advance deposit of at least 50% of the COLOMBIA Birding fees. These transfers are easily done by wiring money directly from your bank account to our Colombian account; or, if you prefer, use any commercial money transfer service such as MoneyGram, which can conveniently handle either cash or electronic transfers from your bank account or credit card. All of these methods work well, and have proven to be fast and safe for all of our past tour clients.


Also, it is very important that you have updated health, medical, and travel insurance, as we will be traveling all over the place, and only when we are physically at hotels will be covered by those hotel’s insurance policies.


Finally, you may want to see some of our clients’ thoughts and testimonials. Hopefully, this will encourage you to decide to come birding with us after seeing how easy and dynamic our tour arrangement process is!



“I want to thank Diego for one of the best birding trips my husband and I have taken! When we got the opportunity to come to Colombia, we discovered that it was difficult to find a birding guide from the US, after contacting several people, Diego found us and we are so glad he did. He is the best birding guide we have ever had (and we have traveled with many guides all over the world). Diego knows all the birds by song and sight and is also very knowledgeable about the food and culture of Colombia. He is funny and a great travel companion. We never once felt that anywhere we went in Colombia was dangerous and Diego made sure we were safe the whole time. Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries we have traveled to and we were happy to see that the people of Colombia are making the effort to protect and conserve what they have. Although this trip was too short, we hope to go back and bird with Diego in as soon as we can”Lisa Deaton (California, US), Feb. 2008 trip.

“Thanks you so much for the extraordinary morning of birdwatching in the vicinity of Medellin which brought me several new lifers in just a few hours! Obviously, many parts of Colombia, including Medellin, seem quite safe for birding these days, and I have birded around Bogotá, Cartagena and Santa Marta. You helped me and my wife Pia get splendid close views of Red-bellied Grackles - they were quite obliging, in fact, in the La Romera reserve just outside of town. It was also great to see White-bellied Woodstar, Golden-fronted Tyrannulet, Crimson-backed Tanager, Yellow-throated Brush-Finch, and to hear three Tapaculos new for me! And we "almost" saw the flock of Black-collared Jays noisily passing by. Thanks for taking such good care of us, and making us want to come back to see more” - Mikko Pyhälä (Ambassador of Finland, Caracas, Venezuela), Dec. 2007 trip.

“My first visit to Colombia was an amazing experience. One of the most amazing aspects was our guide Diego Calderon, who plotted the entire trip, made the reservations, constantly confirmed with us, and knew every bird we saw, in Spanish, English and Latin. I don’t think anyone could want for more. Diego is totally organized, dedicated to his clients, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to see birds in Colombia” - Karen Sharples (Oregon, US), Nov. 2007 trip.

“Gracias Diego for taking us on one of the best birding tours we have ever experienced! My wife and I have traveled throughout Mexico, Costa Rica, Borneo, and Europe, and still we were absolutely blown away by the stunning beauty and charm of Colombia. Diego was the perfect guide and companion for exploring this amazing country; he not only brings a biologist’s expertise in the mind-bogglingly diverse avifauna of the tropics, but also a love of great food, good times, and the infectious joy of a true birder. I was also extremely impressed by his professionalism, as in the months leading up he went out of his way to provide us with ample information on every minute detail of our itinerary. He made us feel totally secure in the complete process, both before and during our vacation, and his attention to detail was evident from our first email to the complete trip list spreadsheet he emailed us just days after we got home. We had less than five full days free to bird while in Colombia, yet thanks to Diego we saw nearly 250 species and over 150 lifers! Colombia was an amazing country, vastly exceeding our expectations, not just because of the unbelievable birding but also the great food and warm, friendly people. And you couldn’t pick a better person to show you the wonders of Colombia than Diego. Gracias mi amigo!” - Eitan Altman (California, US), Feb. 2008 trip.

“I have birded Colombia twice in the last year, with Diego Calderon as my guide both times. I would not think of using anyone else. He really knows his birds, his English is very good, and he puts a lot of time into planning and executing the trip. This last trip went off without a hitch, and had some bonuses also. We found a small flock of Baudó Oropendolas (thought to be extinct), and while birding on the Boro Boro river, we visited briefly an indigenous tribe in living in the rainforest as they had been for hundred of years. Quite a thrill”Karen Sharples (Washington, US), Jul./Aug. 2008 trip.


“I have birded twice in Colombia with Diego. I heartily recommend him for birding in Colombia. We had the full checklist well before the trip so we could prepare. He made all the arrangements for accommodations and transportation and we were pleased with all. He sent out a full trip list, including many photos and sound recordings, shortly after the trip. He is a charming young man and very skilled with the birds and with birders needs as well. Other birders and researchers we came across all seemed pleased to see Diego and shared sightings and information with him. It was apparent that he is very well liked and very well respected in Colombia. Diego has many birding friends and peers and it was very enjoyable to hear about their research projects and their conservation work. Diego has his own personal recordings of birds in Colombia which you could not find on commercial tapes. He is excellent with listening and identifying by ear and getting the participants on the birds visually. He really tries hard to get each of the birders to see every bird. Diego can keep the pace of the birding going steadily. His skill and enjoyment of birding with the group made our trips successful and safe and we had a terrific time in the field in a beautiful country”Judy Meredith (Oregon, US), Nov. 2007 trip.


“I cannot say enough about the delicious experience of Colombia, much due to Diego's guiding expertise. We added 92 species to our life list, as well as enjoying the people, culture, food, scenery, and animals, all enhanced by Diego’s articulate explanations. Never having been to the mainland of Colombia before, I especially appreciated his care in all the planning, including internal flights, car rental, and accommodations, offering a variety of options and willing to explain each in detail so that we could choose by interest and price range. We might have driven him crazy with all our questions and changes, trying to squeeze a month’s trip into a week, but he coordinated everything beautifully, discussed boots, binoculars, and the availability of ATM’s, never losing his sense of humor! We could never have driven in the “free-form” style of Colombians, and Diego proved to be a driver of excellent reflexes, aware of all possible problems and delays, always getting us safely to our destinations on time. There were many surprises on the trip -but all nice ones- in Merecure reserve, we were surrounded by families of capybaras and greeted by a 400 pound tapir, who threw himself down on his back like a dog to have his stomach scratched. Hoatzins lined up on branches the get their pictures taken. Dancing horses entertained us during breakfast at our hotel in Villavicencio, and a trip to artist Jairo Miranda’s home on the mountain, with a bird feeder garnered us six new species, including the velvety red Silver-beaked Tanager, his lower bill shining in the sunset, as if he had dipped it in mercury. I can’t leave out Rio Blanco, where the Shining Sunbeam, Long-tailed Sylph, and Tourmaline Sunangel, among half a dozen other species, buzzed our heads on the porch and gave us endless close encounters as they sipped their nectar. Then there was the adventurous trip to the Manizales’ water treatment plant where we watched the Highland Motmot and Lyre-tailed Nightjars from dusk until they disappeared in the dark. River shrimp nibbled our feet in the refreshing piscina natural at El Almejal resort on the edge of the jungle, and the humpbacked whales breached for us in the incredibly warm Pacific. I could go on . . . .” - Vicki Hendricks (Florida, US), Jul./Aug. 2008 trip.


“One of the things that made our trip to Colombia such a wonderful experience was our guide, Diego Calderón. He did an outstanding job. Honest, knowledgeable about the country, an expert on Colombia’s birds, he was also tireless, friendly, and more than a little patient in helping us with our rudimentary Spanish. He arranged special access for us to three different places where we got great, close views of some of the most fantastic birds I have ever seen. His arrangements were flawless and his driving skill would be the envy of any Manhattan cabbie. I can’t recommend him highly enough”Brian Sullivan (Florida, US), Jul./Aug. 2008 trip.

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